The 80/20 Rule means you don’t have to be perfect all the time.  How freeing is that?  I know I am never perfect so maybe that’s why this appeals to me.  I can do a great job at NOT being perfect!  And this is a good thing.  Allowing this bit of give in your diet stops you from feeling deprived and bitter.  If you aren’t deprived or bitter, you are less likely to binge or eat the entire bag of chips in one sitting.

The 80/20 Rule means you can have a balanced way of eating and enjoy living.  It means  you can eat healthy 80 percent of the time, but have a little wiggle room when you need it to keep yourself balanced and sane.  (Remember, though, you don’t always need to use the 20 percent if you don’t want or need that wiggle room.  You don’t need to eat the chips or cake or wine just to fill in the 20 percent!  Use it when you need it!)

Sometimes, making the right choices and eating healthy can also be a mind game.  For me, knowing that I am going out on the weekend, or have some event on the calendar, keeps me on track to make good choices before that time comes.  Then, I can try the chips with guacamole at the Mexican place, taste the pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving or say yes to something I might have previously felt guilty about.  It’s just that little trick to keep me sane and have a healthy mindset on nutrition.

The 80/20 rule means no obsessing over calories or labeling some foods “bad” or being boring when celebrating with friends and family.  It means being healthy while not being perfect all the time.